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University of Queensland

Best Things About This Uni

Beth B. Arts/B. Social Science Says:

It's an incredibly large, well resourced university; there are multiple libraries, extensive student services facilities and there is an excellent academic atmosphere.

Cath B. Science Says:

Research - one of the best research universities in Australia, and they are currently upgrading labs

Euc B. Economics Says:

The quality of my course (Bachelor of Economics program) and the beautiful campus (St Lucia)

Kate B. Speech Pathology Says:

The lecturers are brilliant and the campus is always so vibrant - there are so many people from different backgrounds, cultures and with lots of different interests.

Nick B. Regional Town Planning Says:

i think the atmosphere, and the graduate possibilities. Being a prestigious university, the degree that you achieve is well received and recognised.

Catherinelaine B. Communications (Public Relations) Says:

The facilities are excellent, each faculty have most of thier own facilities and own support network in regard to academic help. There are also several libraries, refectories, cafes, bookshops, banks, travel agents, a uni pub, pizzaria, lollyshop, chemist, hairdresser, theatre, pretty much anything you can think of put into a uni.

Wade B. Commerce/B. Economics Says:

The facilities are amazing! There are alot of students at this uni, around 35000, and UQ provides more than ample amount of study space, computer rooms, lecture theatres etc. to cater for the needs of teachers and students

Pru B. Arts Says:

I was at UQ for 2 years doing Arts. This year i changed to QUT to do Creative Industries as i felt this was a better course for me with more direction, and career prospects that i am aiming for. The best thing about UQ was my philospohy lecturer, Michelle Boulous Walker. She was such a passionate person, and always listened to students and never made anyone feel inferior.

Rebecca B. Psychological Science (Hons.) Says:

Modern and up to date facilities and resources, and world class research programs.

Rao B. Journalism / B. Arts (Peace and Conflict Studies, Political Science) Says:

Course structure - each major is very refined, and the subjects within it are quite specific to the course.

The University of Queensland, also known informally as UQ was founded in 1909, over 100 years ago, and is the oldest university in Queensland, and fifth in Australia. The university is a public university, and is located in Brisbane. The main campus, St Lucia, is located in the southwest of the Brisbane CBD.  The University of Queensland is a member of the prestigious Australian lobby group ‘Group of Eight’, and the Universitas 21, which is an international network of universities dedicated to research. The university is also colloquially known as a ‘sandstone’ university due to its age, and its membership in the G8.

The University of Queensland operates on over 50 sites throughout Queensland, which include hospitals, tropical islands and even amazingly an experimental mine. The university has a large student body of 40,512, supported by 6162 staff. The university has a strong international student presence, with over 8813 international students who herald from more than 129 countries.

The University of Queensland has an above average graduate job rate, with its 86.3% of its bachelor degree graduates finding work, which is 3.9% above the national average. Additionally, graduate salaries obtained by UQ graduates are 5% above the national median, at $42,000 on average. The University of Queensland is a research intensive university, having successfully pioneered the world’s first cervical cancer vaccine.

The University has teaching and research sites throughout Queensland. Its major campuses are at
St Lucia, Ipswich, Gatton and Herston.
Cromwell College
Tel: +61 7 3377 1300
Fax: +61 7 3377 1499
Duchesne College
Tel: +61 7 3377 2333
Fax: +61 7 3377 2314
Emmanuel College
Tel: +61 7 387 19100
Fax: +61 7 3870 7183
International House
Tel: +61 7 3721 2480
Fax: +61 7 3721 2476
St John's
Tel: +61 7 3842 6600
Fax: +61 7 3870 5124
Union College
Tel: +61 07 3377 1500
Fax: + 61 07 3371 3826
Women's College
Tel: +61 7 3377 4500
Fax: +61 7 3870 9511
University Accommodation Services
General contact for prospective international students
Tel: +61  3 8676 7004 (outside Australia)
Freecall: 1800 671 980 (inside Australia)

International students in Year 12 in Queensland
Tel: +61 7 3346 7375

International students in Year 12 in Australia (outside Queensland)
Tel: 1800 671 980 (Free Call)

UQ Website:
Main Campus

The University has teaching and research sites throughout Queensland. Its major campuses are at
St Lucia, Ipswich, Gatton and Herston.

University of Queensland Addresses:
St Lucia Campus
Sir Fred Schonell Drive
St Lucia
University of Queensland Addresses:
Ipswich Campus
11 Salisbury Road
University of Queensland Addresses:
Gatton Campus
Warrego Highway