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Southern Cross University

Best Things About This Uni

Tate B. Education (Primary) Says:

Location - It is situated in a beautiful part of NSW

Leah B. Social Science Says:

The best thing about Southern Cross uni is definitely its size. Its small! It means that classes are much more personal, and you can actually build a rapport with your lecturers and tutors. You also develop a strong bond with your fellow students. It makes for a wonderful atmosphere.

Kristen B. Sport Tourism Management Says:

The laid back feel that many of the teachers have. Don't get me wrong, they are very knowledgable on their subject matter, and have a pure passion for their subject, but know how to have a laugh and that makes the majority of them seem so much more approachable and likable. This also seems to make learning more fun, which in turn holds our attention more effectively.

Zach B. Primary Education Says:

There's a wide range of people, always a lot of things happening, free carparking, smallish (not overwhelming with people), friendly & has WiFi

Philip B. Contemporary Music Says:

Good facilities, and the lecturers really know their content. Has a nice relaxed atmosphere too.

Jen Masters of Marine Science & Management Says:

Might be me. Kidding. One person at the uni who has not driven me half mad is Julie Thurgood, who looks after overseas students. In fact, she has been great for getting back to e-mails and lighting fires under other people when I couldn't get answers.

Tania B. Business (International Tourism Management) Says:

class sizes. they are small and allow for help if needed. I've never had more then 30 ppl in a tute!

Joel B. Social Science Says:

Meeting new people, broaden my understanding on my field of interest which is Social Welfare, Very multicultural setting of cultures within the Uni. Alot of international students make is really diverse and interactive. Everyone in Uni are so open, outgoing and friendly and accepting regardles of cultural background.

Kaisey Associate Degree Law Says:

its relaxed nature. lecturers are very flexible and understanding. they acknowledge that there is more to life than university studies and try to accommodate that as best they can :)

Ryan B. Marine Science Says:

The atmosphere, the surroundings, the extra-curriculum activities and opportunities.

Southern Cross University, or as it is informally known SCU, is a regional university located in the north coast of New South Wales. Southern Cross University was formed on 1st January 1994 as a result of the decentralization of University of New England campuses, which was formed in 1989. SCU was formed under an Act of Parliament, and since its formation has grown quickly, with a current student body of 15,000 students.

SCU is a member of the global Association of Commonwealth Universities, whose purpose is to facilitate its 500 members furthering international relationships and educational aims. Southern Cross University focuses in providing courses on business, information technology, tourism, environmental science and management, legal and justice studies, education, humanities and creative and performing arts.

SCU currently also provides extensive post graduate studies, with over 3,000 postgraduate students currently undertaking study across a broad range of disciplines. SCU’s Doctor of Business Administration has the distinction of being on the largest in Australia, and attracts candidates from across the Asia-Pacific Region.

The University's primary campus is in Lismore, with other campuses located at Coffs Harbour and Tweed Heads.
Southern Cross University Village
Tel: +61 2 6621 2343
Fax: +61 2 6621 2343
Off Campus Accommodation
Coffs Harbour
Tel: +61 2 6659 3777
Fax: +61 2 6659 3051

Tel: +61 2 6620 3000
Fax: +61 2 6620 3700

Gold Coast and Tweed Heads All Locations
Tel: +61 7 5589 3000
Fax:  +61 7 5589 3700

Byron Bay
Tel: +61 2 6685 8470

The Hotel School Sydney
Tel: +61 2 9240 1280
Fax: +61 2 9240 1338

SCU Website:
Main Campus

The University's primary campus is in Lismore, with other campuses located at Coffs Harbour and Tweed Heads.

Southern Cross University Addresses:
Lismore Campus
Military Road
East Lismore
New South Wales, 2480
Southern Cross University Addresses:
Coffs Harbour Campus
Hogbin Drive
Coffs Harbour
New South Wales, 2450
Southern Cross University Addresses:
Tweed Gold Coast Campus
Brett Street
Tweed Heads
New South Wales, 2485
Southern Cross University Addresses:
Sydney Campus - The Hotel School
117 Macquarie Street
New South Wales, 2000