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University Guidebooks

Want to discover insider information on Australian Universities? Want to know where the best coffee is sold, what accommodation option you should choose, or which faculty rates the best with students? Sign Up with Uni Australia and obtain access to our exclusive range of Lonely Planet style Australian University guidebooks that have been written by our team of university student writers across Australia. Discover what it means to be a student at a university with our honest and information packed guides!

University Reviews

Uni Australia provides 35,000+ reviews, ratings and rankings on all Australian Universities, including importantly all G8 Universities. Explore real students’ reviews and comments on every aspect of university life, including academic quality, job prospects, facilities, accommodation and much more.

Discover overall rankings for universities which have been generated by students, and read about the best and worst things each university. Want to have your say about a particular university? Sign up, and comment!

University Comparison

Want to compare your favourite universities to see how they stack up against each other? UniAustralia allows you to save up to four universities at a time as you browse through the site.


Want to explore the courses available in Australian Universities? Need to know the University admission requirements, cost, relevant pre-requisites and major and minor studies? Browse through the most popular courses, or search for your specific course!

My Uni Australia

This section appears when you sign up for a free UniAustralia account and log in. It's your own personal Uni Australia dashboard that allows you to access our exclusive range of University Guidebooks written by real university students across Australia! Your Uni Australia account will also let you manage your account details, view your saved universities for comparison, get your questions answered in our forums and receive updates about the latest activity at your favorite universities.

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Is Uni Australia free? Do I have to register to use the site?

Uni Australia is completely free for everyone, and you don’t have to register to use Uni Australia. However, by completing a simple registration form you are able to create your own account, compare universities, write reviews, and make comments in the forums.

Where do I report inappropriate comments or content?

If you see some content that you find offensive or inappropriate then please email with details of the page you were on.

Feedback on the site

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I saw something on your site that is not true. How do I suggest a correction or addition?

We always strive to give our users the most accurate view of the colleges we cover. Is there something we missed or got wrong? Send us an email at and if you can, include the source of your information.

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