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What is UniAustralia?

Uni Australia is the #1 Tertiary Education website in Australia – we are dedicated to helping prospective university students from Australia and around the world make an informed decision about university in Australia.

Uni Australia is the largest publisher of student-written content on Australian Universities – we provide an exclusive range of Lonely Planet style guidebooks on Australian Universities, as well as providing 35,000+ uni student reviews, ratings and rankings.

What Partnerships are Available?
Content Licensing

Our highly-acclaimed university content is available to license. Use our student-generated quotes and editorials to enhance your offerings, drive traffic to your website, and engage your audience.


Uni Australia also provides banner advertising across our website. The Uni Australia website captures a highly niche audience of high school students, and prospective university & college students around Australia and the world, who are actively contemplating studying at a tertiary education course in Australia.

Consequently, our banner advertising presents an excellent opportunity to promote your courses, services, open days, information sessions, and more to your specific target market. Forget about brand advertising on radio and in newspapers – reach your target market directly with our banner advertising.

List Your Course with Uni Australia

Uni Australia provides a comprehensive, national university course directory for prospective university students to use to search and research on courses. Get detailed information on the courses you provide in front of tens of thousands of high school students researching their tertiary education options by listing your courses on our site.

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