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University is a big decision. At anywhere from $20,000 -$100,000 University is the 3rd largest purchase we make in our life. It influences the future direction of our life. Our occupation, happiness, health and wealth.

Despite the impact it has on our life, a staggering 1 in 5 university students will quit their course in the first year due to dissatisfaction or unhappiness.

Uni Australia began out of a simple question – why do 20% of students quit their course in the first year? From talking with university students around Australia, we discovered that the key was a lack of education. While students could visit university open days, talk to career advisors, family, friends & education agencies it often only gave them a partial picture of what a course and university were actually like.

We decided to change this by contacting tens of thousands of past and present university students to discover their authentic and candid thoughts in relation to their university and course. Using this research, we now provide 35,000+ university student reviews, ratings, and rankings on all Australian universities, a national course directory for university courses, and an exclusive range of Lonely Planet style guidebooks & articles designed to help students transition to life at university.

Uni Australia has been created to help you make a more informed decision about which course and university best suits you. From which classes to take, how much to pay for accommodation, and where the best computers are, Uni Australia shows you what University in Australia is really like!

Uni Australia is fortunate to have an amazing team of dedicated writers across Australia. Our team includes:

Chris Fieldus

Chris Fieldus was born in Melbourne, but grew up in Bangkok, Thailand and attended Bangkok Patana, the British International School.

He is now a second year undergraduate at the University of Melbourne, undertaking a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Creative Writing and minor in English. He hopes his studies will lead him into a career as a professional screenwriter.

Ben Imamovic

Benjamin lives and writes in Perth, WA. He is currently completing his BA (Humanities) at Curtin University, majoring in Professional Writing and Publishing. His hobbies include reading, writing fiction, eating pizza and playing video games (preferrably at the same time). You can get in touch with him at his Facebook page or through good old fashioned email.

Chloe Du'Bois

Hi everybody, I’m Chloe and I am originally from South Africa and am now living in Brisbane Australia studying Journalism and Communications. I love writing articles, and enjoy going out and just having fun. Life is too short to waste on doing things you don’t enjoy, so find that thing and make it work for you. Have a read of my articles, I hope that they help you or someone you know out. J

Estelle Blowes

I am 21 years old, and studied Literature and German at Melbourne University. I am currently taking a break before starting postgraduate study. I am exploring Europe, Africa and the Middle East, hopefully finding the yellow brick road that reveals what I should do with my life.

Candice De Chalain

Candice de Chalain holds a degree in Media and Communications (The University of Melbourne) and is a communications professional, with published articles, reviews and interviews. Candice is currently a Communications Officer for Uni Australia, writing online articles and guidebooks. She has also written for The Age (Melbourne) Magazine. With a strong background in communication, writing and editing, Candice is pursuing a long and successful career as a professional writer.

Raelke Grimmer

Raelke is a third year Bachelor of Creative Arts (Creative Writing) student at Flinders University. She’s chipping away at her goal to be an author with commended entries in a number of short story competitions. Raelke is the author of self-published picture book, What in the World? Check it out at www.what-in-the-world.net

Jess Cochrane

Jess Cochrane is a Media and Communications student at the University of New England. She loves reading, writing, and (for reasons unknown) always likes the villain of the story. Her ultimate goal is to publish a best-selling novel and become a well-known and popular author.

Michelle Smart

Hi I'm Michelle, I have been reading books long before I talk. Aside from writing articles for UniAustralia I am a freelance writer.

It is my constant belief that mere words can change the world. Hence with UniAustralia's help I write to help students with their own journey through University.

My own journey through university started with a Bachlor in Education, and I am now studying a Bachlor of Arts where I have found an outlet. It has enabled to me dabble in the wonderful world of writing and fine arts. Backed with my passions for archelology, zoology, photography and travel I hope to provide some great insight for all students in University.

Albert Khouri

Albert Khouri is a 19 year old student from the University of New South Wales (UNSW). Albert is currently in his second year of study, completing a bachelor of Media combined with a bachelor of Laws. Albert has been working with Uni Australia since September 2010 and hopes to use this experience to propel a career in journalism or media law.

Mat Kelly

Hello there! I’m Mat - A typical Arts student at the ANU who takes great joy in complaining about my 12 contact hours a week to science students. When not studying, I can be found watching my beloved Liverpool FC, brushing up on pointless knowledge courtesy of Wikipedia or on Facebook.

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Uni Australia is the #1 Tertiary Education website in Australia – our aim is to help students make informed decisions about courses and university. We have no university affiliations, and all our guidebooks, rankings and extensive student reviews have been created by students, for students.

In the current context of violence towards Indian students, falling international enrolments (by up to 40% in some states), and the local student dissatisfaction (1 in 5 students change course, or quit, due to dissatisfaction with university), transparency in the tertiary education sector is needed now more than ever.

Our exclusive range of Australian University guidebooks, 35,000+ students reviews, ratings and rankings are designed to create transparency so that current students, both domestic and international have a clearer idea about which tertiary education option best suits them.

From which classes to take, how much to pay for accommodation, and where the best computers are, Uni Australia provides students with an honest picture of what University in Australia is really like!

Interested in writing an article on Uni Australia?

We have a Uni Australia Ratings system – which rates & ranks all 40 Australian Universities. Our ratings algorithm has been determined by prospective university students, so that factors are weighted in terms of actual importance.

We have ‘Top Ten’ lists, which ranking universities based on specific categories, ‘Best & Worst’ which provide snapshots of universities, and ‘University Satisfaction Surveys’ which poll students overall satisfaction with universities.

Finally, we have an exclusive range of Lonely Planet style Australian university guidebooks, and over 35,000+ candid reviews & comments from current university students from all over Australia!

Want to know what is going on at a ground level at universities – what do students think and feel about changes? We can help. For more information contact Rowan, at press@uniaustralia.com.au.